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Q-Tran Started researching standard, Low Voltage wire, as it applies to direct burial applications, a decade ago. What we found was shocking and convinced us that we had to invent a wire that met our high standards and could be trusted in the high-end applications using our product. Most shocking of our findings is that standard, Low Voltage wire cannot be completely sealed, allowing a direct access channel for water into DB units. Additionally, Q-Tran discovered that standard LV wire is only rated to 60c (most lighting fixtures and transformers operate over 60c, voiding the temperature rating of the wire) and that the wire is bare copper which can oxidize in certain environments, causing catastrophic failure to the lighting system. Finally, Q-Tran found that the black color of LV wire was very difficult to conceal when running the wire up the bark of a tree.

Q-Tran's Q-Wire solves all of these problems and more! Q-Wire has filled the valley between the conductors allowing the compression fitting to make a completely tight seal around the wire. No more water leak with our wire. The Q-Wire temperature rating has been upped to 90c vs. 60c on standard LV wire, and we tin-coat our bare copper to prevent the wire from oxidizing. The wire's outer jacket is color coated, brown on one side, gray on the other, allowing the installer to color-match the bark of the tree, making the wire less visible. Q-Tran's Q-Wire is UF-B, class 1, NEC- Chapter 3, therefore, this wire is rated to be placed outdoors, underground and inside single dwelling, residential buildings.

We have created wire that meets the high demands of the specifiers and engineers specing our products, allowing electricians to do their job right the first time without fear of failure, and is invisible to the homeowner, letting the light be the star of the show.


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