• Low Voltage Lighting Power Supplies & Transformers.
    Q-Tran offers power supplies and transformers for low voltage lighting applications such as outdoor direct burial transformers, landscape lighting and indoor 12V or 24V power supply centers.
    Q-TRAN fabircates custom LED extrusions with our high CRI strip lighting in your choice of color temperature (warm to cool).  Paired with our LED power supplies, these fixtures are available in multiple shapes and multiple lens options.
  • Low Voltage and Cove Lighting
    Q-Tran also powers cove, under cabinet, track, recessed track, cable lighting pendants and mono-points. Q-Tran multitap transformers allow the installer to boost up the voltage to compensate for long runs and recover any voltage drop. This allows each track or fixture to provide full light output.


    Photo by
    Nick Tininenko Photography
  • Enlightened Thinking
    Q-Tran Products are an intelligent choice for your lighting needs and gives you the confidence that your lights will work when it really counts. The LED Power Supplies are DC versions of our flagship, interior, power supply centers. Like the AC, QT line, the DC line is a highly flexible system that is built to exacting specs. They also provide superior performance and efficiency.
    Photo by
    Nick Tininenko Photography
  • What We Power
    Focus Lighting designed the lighting for A Voce Restaurant – a Rockwell Group-designed project at Columbus Circle in New York City. The restaurant uses a variety of low-voltage lighting fixtures powered by Q-Tran transformers. We specialize in making the power supply that can run all the lights for your indoor as well as outdoor needs and our products offer multiple ways to be installed from surface mounting to recess mounting; and from direct burial to running wires up a tree in a landscape setup.
  • Outdoor & Landscape Lighting
    Q-Tran takes on the issue of outdoor and landscape lighting with our own line of products called Q-SCAPE. These products are specifically made to cater to the needs of projects that require a power supply system that can reach areas that are normally inaccessible. All of these products are part of a system that utilizes Direct Burial Transformers and allow for in-ground stationing.                       -Design by Jan Moyer